Not For Profit

The DFQC is established as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.  The company has no shareholders and all profits are re-invested into furthering the aims and objectives of the company. All of the directors are volunteers and not receive payments of any kind.


All quotas leased are on an annual basis and at established ‘market rates’ and in a process compliant with EU State Aid rules.

We lease quota to any fisherman or fishing company legally entitled to access EU quotas allocated to the UK on a non-discriminatory basis.

All quotas available for lease are advertised via and the fishing industry trade publication Fishing News.

Applications are scored according to the % of annual landings of the applicant’s vessels that are landed into Cornish ports.  The amount of quota each successful applicant receives is equal.

We treat applications from under 10m and over 10m vessels equally as we recognise that irrespective of vessel size there is simply not enough quota to go around.


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